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R. Cowell

Director at SLS Optics Ltd · Laxey
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R. Cowell was associated with SLS Optics Ltd in 2013. They may have been associated with this organization before or after this year as well.

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Management consultancy activities
Managing Director at Hersham Electrical Engineers Ltd - Kärcher IOM · Ramsey, Isle of Man
Thomas Patrick Creative Agency · Isle of Man
Rainbeaux Media · Ramsey, Isle of Man
Director at Fenay Safety (IOM) · Isle of Man
Managing Director at Restart · Isle of Man
Digital Group Ltd · Douglas, Isle of Man
Talbot and Son Blinds · Douglas, Isle of Man
Ashgrove Marketing · Douglas, Isle of Man
Chairman at City Trust Ltd. · Peel, Isle of Man
Director at Descon Ltd · Douglas, Isle of Man
Pinnacle Book-keeping & Accounts · Douglas, Isle of Man