Abelardo L. Acebo through Jack R. Youngs

Pres., Fin., R & D, Sales & Mktg. Mgr. at Pharmakon Laboratory, Inc.
Mgr-Client Rels at Zimbabwe Platinum Mines Limited
Saint Peter Port
Co-Pres. at Confederate Packaging, Inc.
Board of Directors: at Brookwell Limited
Saint Peter Port
CEO at Credit Suisse Trust Holdings Ltd.
Saint Peter Port
Board of Directors: at European Capital Financial Services (Guernsey) Limited
Saint Peter Port
Cont. at Packaging Materials, Inc.
Vice Chm at Bank of Cyprus (Channel Islands) Ltd
Saint Peter Port
Sr. V-P., Secy., Gen. Council at Colgate-Palmolive Co.
Co-Pres. at Copac
Dir-Fin at Derwent Insurance Limited
Saint Peter Port
R & D Mgr. at Superior Steel Corp.
V-P. at American Culvert & Fabricating Co.
Dir., Bus. at Dow Reichhold, Inc.
CFO at Tethys Petroleum Limited
Saint Peter Port
Head-Gen Industrials at Credit Suisse First Boston Finance (Guernsey) Ltd.
Saint Peter Port
Office Mgr at BNP Paribas Suisse S.A.
Saint Peter Port
Off. Mgr. at Parkway Products, Inc.
Ptnr. & GM at Cambridge Iron & Metal
Secy-Treas. at Cowgill's
Kingsly Compression
Sales Mgr. at Cambridge Packaging, Inc.
Jeffersonian Co., LLC
Plt. Mgr. at Heating & Cooling Products Mfg. Co.
Plt. Mgr. at Mar-Zane, Inc.
Pres. at Kennedy's Bakery, Inc.
Pres. at Monogram Metals, Inc.
Hum. Res. Mgr. at Ames Co.
Prodn. Mgr. at Plastic Compounders, Inc.
Pres. at Sportsmans Haven, Inc.
Owner at Pisgah Hardwoods
Mktg. Mgr. at Federal-Mogul Corp.
Chm at Amdocs Limited
Saint Peter Port
Mng Dir at Guernsey International Fund Managers Limited
Saint Peter Port
Mgr Dir at MeesPierson Reads Limited
Saint Peter Port
Pres. at Lafferty Chipping, Inc.
Pres. at Imperial Wholesale Banners, Inc.
Pres. at Chapman Corp., A. F.
MIS Mgr. at Carbonless & Cut Sheet Forms, Inc.
Dir., Mfg. at Centria
Mfg. Mgr. at Cambridge Tool & Die Corp.
Off. Mgr. at Superior Hardwoods Of Ohio
Quality Grinding
Owner at Finley Custom Cabinets
Mng Dir at Aon Insurance Managers (Guernsey) Ltd.
Saint Peter Port
V-P. at Hi-Tech Engineering, Inc.
Secy. at Variety Glass, Inc.
Mgr at Franchise Concepts Limited
Saint Peter Port
MIS Mgr. at Bi-Con Services, Inc.
Pres. at Encore Plastics Corp. (H Q)
Chm at Barclays Private Bank & Trust Ltd.
Saint Peter Port
Owner & Fin. Mgr. at Speedy Print
V-P., Engr. at Plastech Engineered Products, Inc.
Fin. Mgr. at Edgetech Ig, Inc.
CEO at CanArgo Energy Corporation
Saint Peter Port
Owner at D & N Wood Products
Pres. at Locklear Mfg., Inc.
Dir-Portfolio Mngmt at Generali Worldwide Insurance Company Limited
Saint Peter Port
Dir-Portfolio Mngmt at Generali International Limited
Saint Peter Port
Off. Mgr. at Cypress Folding Carton, Inc.
Pres. at Fehrman Tool & Die, Inc.
Plt. Mgr. at Sikes Composites Corp.
Sec at Channel Islands Stock Exchange
Saint Peter Port
Opers. Mgr. at Smith Concrete Co.
Mng Dir at Willis
Saint Peter Port
Owner at Arrow Graphics
V-P. at King Limestone, Inc.
CEO at Parker Aerospace, Control Systems Div.
MIS Mgr. at Detroit Diesel Remanufacturing-East
Pres. at Lytech Corp.
GM, Pur., Sales & Mktg. Mgr. at Bennett Plastics, Inc.
Fin. Mgr. at Seminole Tubular Products Co.
Pres. at Gebhart Signs
Mgr at Fulmar Insurance Company Ltd.
Saint Peter Port
Kristee Products Co.
Board of Directors: at HarbourVest Global Private Equity Limited
Saint Peter Port
Coord-Sls at Marsh Management Services Guernsey Limited
Saint Peter Port
Country Dir-Namibia at Chariot Oil & Gas Limited
Saint Peter Port
Chrm., CEO at Shieldalloy Metallurgical Corp.
Board of Directors: at Atlas Estates Limited
Saint Peter Port
Owner & R & D Mgr. at Alabama Cylinder Head Exchange
Pres. at Tindall Corp.
Asst. Plt. Mgr. at Fabri-Form Co., The
V-P. at Donohue's Hilltop Ice Mfg.
Pres. at East Motrim Corp.
Pres. at Motrim, Inc.