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Jeff Fish

service desk technician at Calligo Limited · Saint Helier
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Jeff Fish was associated with Calligo Limited in 2022. They may have been associated with this organization before or after this year as well.

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   Block 3 the Forum Grenville St, Saint Helier, JE2 4UF
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Jeff Fish Coworkers at Calligo Limited (6)

senior vice president at Calligo Limited · Saint Helier
security analyst at Calligo Limited · Saint Helier
co-founder and chief executive officer at Calligo Limited · Saint Helier
tier 2 help desk technician at Calligo Limited · Saint Helier
office administrator at calligo at Calligo Limited · Saint Helier
platform service consultant at Calligo Limited · Saint Helier

(11) Industry Contacts

Retail sale of computers, peripheral units, software and telecommunications equipment in specialized stores
patent analyst at Cpa Global · Saint Helier
intellectual property solutions consultant at Cpa Global · Saint Helier
vice president of sales at Cpa Global · Saint Helier
Taskforce Systems Ltd · Saint Helier
IT Matters Lounge · Saint Helier
Director at Nitel Limited · Jersey
Mng Dir at Jendev · Jersey
Branch Manager at Edmundson Electrical · Saint Helier
Director at Aviation Jersey Ltd · Jersey
GizzmoHeaven · Jersey
Proprietor at Clearsite Limited · Jersey